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Creating Tangible

Value in Healthcare

AXON Strategy partners with both sponsors and healthcare companies to maximize growth and operational efficiencies. With over 50 years of experience spanning the breadth of healthcare, we are able to provide unique insights into market approach, viability, and strategy that will maximize value for all parties.

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AXON supports healthcare organizations and sponsors by developing strategies for revenue growth, operational capabilities, sales, marketing, and M&A, driving sustainable performance and capitalizing on market opportunities.

We empower healthcare organizations to navigate the ever-evolving landscape with confidence, resilience, and a clear vision of growth.

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Strategy & Execution

AXON works with both healthcare companies and sponsors to ensure that strategy is in line with execution, which delivers growth and maximizes long-term value creation. Strategy, marketing, communications, product positioning and pricing within value-based care are all critical to delivering that market growth trajectory.

Advisory Services

For more than 20 years, AXON has successfully engaged companies in fundraising activities, mergers and acquisitions, and market positioning. AXON has also worked with sponsors to provide sourcing, diligence, and operational support in order to ensure successful transactions are consummated that deliver anticipated value.



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Managing Member

As a seasoned industry leader, John spearheads growth and expansion in the healthcare sector, effectively bridging departments such as business development, sales, marketing, operations, and information technology. He excels in strategically positioning companies to stay ahead of the competition and effectively engage potential buyers throughout the entire purchase cycle, ensuring sustained success.


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Managing Member

With extensive healthcare executive experience, Greer specializes in driving revenue growth for organizations by strategically assessing opportunities, developing effective marketing strategies, and executing successful sales initiatives. He acts as a catalyst for change across various teams, rapidly assessing product and channel value propositions to generate revenue in a faster and more predictable manner, while also improving operations, quality, and compliance.